Nov 18, 2009

Tea, Coffee & Lemon cake

The past few weeks have seen coffee cup studies, a box of Ferrero Rocher, the return of Earl Grey Bergamot and lots of the boss's famous lemon cake- this time with orange flavoured cranberries.

Excuse me while I go back to dreaming about lemon cake day.

Oct 30, 2009

another afternoon

Quick one. At the pg.
In retrospect, very very warped.

ballpoint pen, derwent pencils, fat fluoroscent lyra pencils

Oct 28, 2009

At the printer's

Two days at the screen printer's spent watching colours being mixed, asking seemingly silly questions about screens, staring at positives taped to a white board, listening to Kannada discussions on structures for signage and drinking tea from a tumbler.

brush pen, dry pastels, dried up poster paints.

Oct 26, 2009

The woes of a wait.

A mouse-like woman sits next to me as I wait my turn. As much as I try to hide my papers from her, I constantly catch her peering, trying to read something. She has cracked heels and wears large spectacles. Some men crowd around the counter I need to get my money from. Another bunch of women huddle around the counter (DOCUMENTATION) in front of me. I spot the doctor who got her forms stamped last Thursday. She looks sweet, like those doctors who don't like to prescribe even crocin to their patients. The mousey woman still peeks into my notebook when she takes breaks from fidgeting. Voices rise from somewhere inside the city of cubicles. Mouse Woman sits straight, pulling at her nails, not unlike what I do. The man manning DISBURSEMENT COUNTER has disappeared.

More people walk in.

The door is peculiar. Every once in a while, it makes a pop. Like a tennis raquet cutting through the air just as it smashes a ball back. It feels like a release in the vaccuum of noise inside. Pop. Silence. Pop. Silence. I welcome the silence followed by every burst in the door, even though they last less than a few seconds.

My turn arrives. I'm sent along with my folder to meet the manager who isn't here. Why isn't anyone ever in their places? He arrives only to walk off to the other end of the cubicle maze. At this point of time, I sit diagonally across my earlier seat, minutes ago. I'm still on something chequered though. Pink and chequered. I just realise that the entire place is done up in salmon pink. A pink bank.

Written sometime last year, Septemberish.
One of many days of waiting at SBI, Ahmedbad.

Sep 11, 2009

Advaita LIVE.

Went for Advaita's performance at Kyra with the cousin.
Beautiful beautiful music. I heard a sarangi for the first time and loved it.

Headbanging+drawing=TOTALLY enjoyed.

Advaita on myspace .(My favourites are Ghir Ghir and Durga).

Sep 7, 2009

A daylong evening

Counting custard apple seeds, listening to the rain drum its fingers on the trees.

Watching cars splash through puddles while the dogs stare instead of chasing them.

A spray of leaves, the drizzle looks yellowgreen for a moment.

Clouds cast shadows, evening has arrived mid-day.

Aug 19, 2009

Fishy stuff

A conversation between the bosses that swam right over my vegetarian head.


A marocchino at Barista. I miss Milan. :-/

Inside an auto back to Prachi's place. I tripped on the text behind the driver's seat. Totally.


An evening at Greenhouse with La and Avi and a cup of pudina tea. It looked like it was about to rain.

(This is so you guys know you're being missed, ok?)

Jul 20, 2009


Two weddings.

One was a cousin's and the other, a 60th wedding (actually the 60th birthday) of an aunt and uncle. Both were filled with tambrahm mamas who chanted endlessly...I suspect some of them were just lip synching...saying the 'swaaha' bits whenever they came.

I had the camera man at the first wedding taping me drawing. Needless to say the subjects of my stalking were constantly running off in the wedding madness.

Jul 17, 2009


I hear birds.

I can't see them, but they're probably on some wet green tree, shaking the rain off their feathers. I hear the strains of a flute-the music of the wind. It feels like something out of a Ray film-Charulata perhaps- but quickly morphs into something very Kannada. I hear a temple bell, some kids squealing and very loud autos on the main road outside. I hear sporadic mouse-clicking and keyboard-tapping, mimicking the drizzle outside.

It's a rainy rainy day.

Jul 10, 2009


The essence of Graphic design is purple with pink and fluoroscent bubbles and golden vapour. It swirls inside its crystal vial, waiting to break out, to flow and not take the shape of its container.

:From my AGD notes,
(which would mean semester 5, 2007).

Merryn reminded me about this one. My attempt at some dreamy-type writing. Looking at it now, it seems like a strange nailpolish. I think the rest of it makes sense though.

I found lots of other things in this book though, AGD notes that I have no memory of, 3 rants, 2 drawings of Amit Dutta, a lousy portrait of Mridu with all the nicknames we had for her till then, figure sketches of a few people, rgb notes, film language notes, a drawing of SB with all his SB-speaks, a drawing I made at an rgb meeting while sitting at the table under the pest-o-flash, a sketch of Chaplin for a poster in my pre-FIN days and a drawing of leaves above my head at Riverside school-it was drizzling then.

I need to scan some more.

Drifting in a cloud of heat- I

Ten days

with heavy hot air
that covers you like a thick blanket

of sweat and dust
and countless cups of chai.

aamras, maggi
stupid and/or long conversations

the smell of carpet in the airconditioning,
the vaccuum cleaner and the sound of books

watching bubbles drift up to the clouds
and hoping for rain

falling asleep watching
white flowers and rice lights

of many hours dancing garba.

and freedom within these brick walls.

Drifting in a cloud of heat-II

A bike at main gate. Lalu keeps refilling chai.

Melting in the BMW

People spotting in the KMC- Ramdom readers, Suresh taking notes and Akhila working.

A lizard on the rosewood windowframe, that never moved for the longest time.
Graphic Design Studio

Jun 25, 2009

May 26, 2009

Povera Italia

This was a project on Complexity done under the Density Design Lab (Communication Design) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy during a semester long exchange program. Very very unlike the work I've done so far, but I'm glad I got to work on this side of Graphic design as well.

Poverty is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon. Six dimensions of poverty (Food, Housing, Education, Leisure, Health and Occupation) were analysed in the context of Italy, to create a clearer perspective on each topic. The final products were a complexity map and a video for each of the dimensions. When viewed together one can connect them to generate a bigger picture of poverty.

What my group worked on were the complexity map and video for Food and Poverty in Italy.

This complexity map compares fruit and vegetable distribution systems in Italy to understand the relationship between added services and increase in prices. It also identifies problem areas, creating scope for improvement of the existing system.

size: 70cm x 100cm
To view the map in full size, go here.

The animated video takes off from the complexity map, presenting two different fruit and vegetable distribution systems in Italy. While continuing to elaborate the service-price relationship, the video also looks at the pros and cons of each system, explaining the values that
each of them stand for.

duration: 2 min 20 sec

Choice from Shreyas R Krishnan on Vimeo.

May 20, 2009

Santa Pig meets Santa Piglet

Old sketch, but still. Kaveri came home yesterday. I had to bribe her and Jasjyot, my poster-elves, with the promise of praaper Italian espresso. Jas fell sick and ditched, but Kaveri made it, and was very fascinated with the moka and the pasta.

She also got me a very byootiful-oh-so-pretty pencil. I louwe it. I intend to hijack the place she got it from, once she reveals its madras location to me.

Summer stalkings

A bright new notebook, a bottle of ink, an old nib and not-so-secretly stalking people at home.
Not to mention the endless news and ads on TV.