Oct 7, 2012

Beach. Beer. Book.

100th post! YAY!


A good vacation that met the essential requirement of being able to sit on a beach with beer and a book and endlessly waste time alternating attention from book to sea to sky.
Mossy masses of black and green sinking and rising from the sand, Devbagh Beach

A view of the woods from the room, Devbagh Beach

People moving between swimming and snacking, Palolem, Goa

Monsieur Lobster and pear shaped bottles of Pilsner, Palolem, Goa

Economicey Evening

This man. This talk.

Dragged along by Why Shoe.

Aruna Sairam+Mandolin U Srinivas

After ages, I think, I managed to go for a kutcheri with the mother. The highlight of the evening (apart from the concert, of course) was a family, including a 3 year old child, that spoke only in Sanskrit! I haven't heard anything remotely like conversational Sanskrit since school. Just, wow. :O

Concert, amazing as expected. This was the first time I heard Mandolin Srinivas live in a kutcheri. Only encounters before this were cassette covers featuring a much younger him.

Animated Aruna singing 'Punniyam Oru Kodi'

A Big Fat Chettiyar Wedding

S, the original Chettichi of our lives, got married at her chetti hometown, Kanadukathan.

Juggling bridesmaidly duties and attempting to sketchbook-stalk discretely proved futile, so most of my time was spent ogling at Charming Chettinad and getting trigger happy with my phone. Some drawing time was sneaked in though, during brief intermissions while prepping the bride, distributing bangles, watching aachis, aayaas and ayyas gossip and remembering to leave food for cows*.

* While in Chettinad, one must always leave behind a morsel on one's banana leaf so that cows that feed on the discarded leaves don't feel cheated of food. True story.

Jazz and Improv @ Plantation House

Was at this gig at Plantation House. While I've been to the store for exhibitions by some favourite artists, I've never managed to make it to one of the evenings of music that Shalini organises at the store. It is an awesome way to use such a beautiful space.

Karan Joseph on piano / Jeoraj George on drums / Keith Peters on bass guitar

Flower Power

When there is an explosion of drawable flowers in one's house, one must, absolutely must draw them.

Flowers courtesy lily lovers SMS and AV

Another beautiful lily here.