Dec 9, 2012

Il Gatto Nero

He's suave. He's Italian. He wears a bow tie.

For cat-obsessed P, on her birthday.
Yes, he's related to the french fellow.

Dec 3, 2012

The Shape of Jazz @ Plantation House

Concerts and gigs seem to be the only places I draw at these days. There never seems to be much time otherwise to sit down with a book and colours.

Aman Mahajan and Mishko M'ba played us music inspired by Ornette Coleman. "It jazz..." as Mishko said in his lovely accent. If I ever catch Mishko playing again, I am going to spend the whole time drawing just him and his long long long dreadlocks (ankle length if you must know).

And the next time, I'll manage a better panorama of Shalini's store. I'd love to just sit and draw only the clothes even!