Dec 22, 2008

people spotting

Trains and Travels

On the train to Nice
We met an Italian
who was reading
the Gita.

Shri Shri Massimo
I named him.

The Cote d'Azur
bluest blue I have ever seen

Bed and Breakfast Gilda

Castello del Valentino
Icograda Design Week

The leaning tower was ugly
I loved the buldings and the windows though.


A Spritz at Venice...

...didn't really stop
my feet from freezing.

The Kiss
at Vienna
we couldn't take pictures

Fairytale castles


Dec 17, 2008

Being Jew

Black birds sit

on this metal tree.

This is a tree

Each cold leaf

is a person

whose family


to remember them.

The leaves don't

rustle in the wind

They clang loudly

as stiff as the

dead that they


Jewish memorial, Budapest

Dec 12, 2008

Bride Wanted: the film

This is a film made by Sarah Dacosta (batchmate, first roommate, and my louwe) as part of her documentary project at NID. She's used my Bride Wanted illustrations in the film.

BRIDE WANTED from Sarah Dacosta on Vimeo.

Go here to give her feedback :)


If Yan can.
I can.