Dec 22, 2008

people spotting


why shoe said...

It's such a blessing to be able to draw! Or I think rather, just to find a proper way of expression :D

Remember I said we'll make a movie abour your experiences in Milan? I've changed my mind- we'll publish a graphic novel :D

Shreyas said...

Yup I agree, although there have been so many times here that I have been so overwhelmed by what I see that pictures, photographs and words seem inadequate to desccribe or capture what I experience at that time, at that moment.

Graphic novel it is then. :)

Bondhu said...

The first one is very nice.....good going!!

Anonymous said...

hey shreyas! i'm really impressed with these 2, i like the one with the spritz too, it reminds me of an old ad poster... nice :)
As i write this i smell good old filter coffee in chennai, just finished a nice morning walk on elliot's beach, just another two days of the sea... damn!

Shreyas said...

thanks kalyani :)

ah the sea, I wish I could do an evening run there instead of on a treadmill staring through the plastic blinds at the fog outside.

Hmm, that's what i'm going to think of on today's run.. coffee and the sea :D