Shreyas is an illustrator-designer with an eye for the everyday and an affinity for the drawn image. Her work indulges in playing with the notion of memory, both personal and collective as she tries to understand how, why and what we remember. She is a print junkie, loves mythology, multiple narratives and obsessively documents life around her in her many visual journals.

Shreyas is passionate about women's studies and issues and is greatly interested in people, their stories and cultures, and the idea of belonging. She also enjoys kitchen experiments, making rain playlists, painting on 50 paise post cards and collecting matchboxes. You might spot her at concerts surrounded by crayons and pens. She is currently engaged in the MFA Illustration Practice program at Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.

She hopes that future-Shreyas is a well-travelled visual journalist.

See more of Shreyas's work at www.shreyasrkrishnan.com
She can be reached at halftonelemon(at)gmail(dot)com

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