May 26, 2009

Povera Italia

This was a project on Complexity done under the Density Design Lab (Communication Design) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy during a semester long exchange program. Very very unlike the work I've done so far, but I'm glad I got to work on this side of Graphic design as well.

Poverty is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon. Six dimensions of poverty (Food, Housing, Education, Leisure, Health and Occupation) were analysed in the context of Italy, to create a clearer perspective on each topic. The final products were a complexity map and a video for each of the dimensions. When viewed together one can connect them to generate a bigger picture of poverty.

What my group worked on were the complexity map and video for Food and Poverty in Italy.

This complexity map compares fruit and vegetable distribution systems in Italy to understand the relationship between added services and increase in prices. It also identifies problem areas, creating scope for improvement of the existing system.

size: 70cm x 100cm
To view the map in full size, go here.

The animated video takes off from the complexity map, presenting two different fruit and vegetable distribution systems in Italy. While continuing to elaborate the service-price relationship, the video also looks at the pros and cons of each system, explaining the values that
each of them stand for.

duration: 2 min 20 sec

Choice from Shreyas R Krishnan on Vimeo.

May 20, 2009

Santa Pig meets Santa Piglet

Old sketch, but still. Kaveri came home yesterday. I had to bribe her and Jasjyot, my poster-elves, with the promise of praaper Italian espresso. Jas fell sick and ditched, but Kaveri made it, and was very fascinated with the moka and the pasta.

She also got me a very byootiful-oh-so-pretty pencil. I louwe it. I intend to hijack the place she got it from, once she reveals its madras location to me.

Summer stalkings

A bright new notebook, a bottle of ink, an old nib and not-so-secretly stalking people at home.
Not to mention the endless news and ads on TV.

Back to the heat

post-pedicure, I DO have sparkly blue nails

me drawing me drawing me

Poster-elf #1

Jasjyot, at night mess. He wanted a hot pink background, but I thought this was sufficiently bling.
And yes, he really was singing that.

Disclaimer: For all you people who want to comment and let me know that I've written 'Sauce' instead of 'Saas'-
My Hindi spellings suck. I know.


First few days back at NID, over a couple of months ago.

a sunday at Akhila's place

Ganesh-Kumaresh concert at the amphi. Avi and I tripped immensely causing Sarah to declare that if she ever had kids, she'd send them down south to 'get some culture'. tee hee.

ultimi giorni

Last days and pages at Milan

at lorenzo's place

last day at Duomo

on Malpensa Express

Malpansa Aeroporto