May 20, 2009

Santa Pig meets Santa Piglet

Old sketch, but still. Kaveri came home yesterday. I had to bribe her and Jasjyot, my poster-elves, with the promise of praaper Italian espresso. Jas fell sick and ditched, but Kaveri made it, and was very fascinated with the moka and the pasta.

She also got me a very byootiful-oh-so-pretty pencil. I louwe it. I intend to hijack the place she got it from, once she reveals its madras location to me.


jazzlamb said...

I missed it! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I want firang esspresso and pasta too! Bleddy feeverr. I hate laif. And that Pencil is very very haute. Kaveri, are you listening?!? :)

Shreyas said...

my my, comment flood you are causing aren't you.

I checked. Akhila has a moka. when I DO get there, I will get a packet of espresso powder along too :D

And oh yes, Kaveri are you listening? Since you won't reply to my national-roaming smses...tell me WHERE eet ees?

still water said...

hello :) what moka do i have apart from the person...;) how you are? How you are? Nice sketches, love the blue sheet/table cloth u are shooting on. How are you? Call I feel like I NEED to update my blog...sigh...

Shreyas said...

hehe, laaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
moka is the italian coffee making thing. remember I spotted it in your kitchen and went 'eeeeee!!' ?

aaah, im calling you now. nownow.

yesitsme said...

wowwwwwww....nice pencil...pls tel me whr u got it frm :)

Shreyas said...

ey mini :)

It's from a shop called MishMash.
1st Seawaerd Road, Valmiki Nagar. Its a small small shop on the first floor...have to look out for it when you're on the street.

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

Oh,so you DID make it to the store.
isnt it lovely?Its like her personal little collection of knick-knacks.
PLEASE bring converted me to appreciating wretched black coffee,so you're obligated to.Joy.:)

Shreyas said...

yeah I made it there :) They were out of pencils though :S
I DID pick up some pwetty earrnings, so did my mother.

ha, yes, espresso shall find its place in my bag when I pack and head there. I'm consuming lesser quantities so that I wont finish it up before I get it there :) But sigh yes, I dont like filter kaapi, but espresso <3

Blogeswari said...

You get similar ones in Vijayastores the first shop on Mada veedi next to Indian Bank in Mylapore

Shreyas said...

@Blogeswari: hehe, yeah I know Vijaya Stores, I've been there countless number of times to get maths guide books when I was in school.

My mum picked up a WHOLE bunch of them from the shops around the Mylapore tank.