Nov 8, 2014

A new website

I have an official, proper and website-ey website now!
Head over to !

(PS. I will still post stuff here)

Silent Sea

My piece for the MICA MFA Illustration Practice Blue Show took the form of a dedication to The Silent Sea, the second album of my most favourite-est Indian band Advaita. The first time I've continued an experiment with the scratch technique I started exploring a year ago with Hidden in Plain Sight.

Jun 27, 2014

On Astray

Arun Kale did an interview of me!
Full interview here >>

Head over to Astray and check out the other interviews too for some very insightful question-answering.

May 10, 2014

The Small Picture: Stuck in the Middle

New small picture for Manta Ray. Based on a thought from about two years ago.

Disclaimer: All matchboxes featured in this comic are based on real life matchboxes. None were harmed in the making of this TSP.

For a higher resolution, go here>>
An edited version of 'The Small Picture : Stuck in the Middle' was first published in Mint, on May 9, 2014

Feb 21, 2014

Painted Postcard : 5

Who doesn't love getting snail mail?
The first painted postcard to be a part of a postcard swap! Breakfast love on a postcard for Uditi :)

Anyone else up for an exchange? 

Feb 19, 2014

The Small Picture: B.M.O.

My first Small Picture for Manta Ray. Evidently, the obsession continues.

For a higher resolution, go here>>

'The Small Picture : B.M.O.' first appeared in Mint, on Feb 14, 2014

Jan 23, 2014

Jan 4, 2014

2013: The year I turned 25

Drawing spree at Ladakh, September 2013

This year (more like the second half of the year) has been eventful, to say the least. And all in every good way possible.

/ I now own my first Lamy, thanks to P. Writing will never be the same again.

/ Someone spotted me drawing at this gig, and decided to write about me.

/ The girl gang and I finally got started with our photo-blog.

/ Trusha and I started this seemingly never ending, but definitely enjoyable sketchbook swap project.

/ Thanks to Akhila, I participated in Mirror of the Open Road, where my work was displayed as part of the Wilding Festival in London.

/ Rain playlists. Five years running.

/ I made it to Kyoorius DesignYatra, after seven years (more on that later, maybe). Bonus points to this trip for the chance to hang out with other awesome designers, writers and the cutest pup.

/ My essay was published as part of an anthology on design in India, which was released at KDY.

/ I fell in love with the skies and mountains in Ladakh.

/ I got to meet close friends in other cities, about five times – more than half of it thanks to work-travel. Can never complain about that!

The Illustrator's Collective (Bakula, Kalyani, Trusha and I) had our first exhibition in Bangalore. I've inflicted veil-vision on too many people now.

/ Kalyani gifted me an original. For me, this piece is a memory of the day that we managed to meet again after three years. Our exhibition happened almost exactly a year later. (@Universe, conspiring much?)

/ 15 books to read this year? Challenge accomplished.


Here's to a whole new year full of travel, drawings, reading, music and good food. Hello 2014!