Jan 31, 2012

Marigolds and Mallipoos

I am now, most probably, the official family kalyanam sketchbook stalker. Another cousin's wedding and a slightly different level of involvement from me this time, as wedding-invite-designer and sole representative of family in the 20-25 years age group (Excluding Brother Mark of course. But then, the bride's brother is not counted in such things). Saving self from converting to maamidom were the U-19 sister and one pithukuli from Oz.

Part of duties this time involved secretly feeding cousin/bride pieces of Bournville (yes, she earned it) and attempting to strike lame deals with the new athimber, whilst doing Matrix-style dodging of smoke from the pyre. The vadiyar conducting the ceremonies then was kind enough to explain to us yeng folk the point of what was happening at appropriate junctures. What he says here "...ippo onga expenses ellathayum avaa authorise pannuva" translates to "...now she will authorise all your expenses". Yes, cheap thrills :P

Jan 19, 2012


{From top-bottom}
Colourful drinks at Pizzeria Romano / Tea at studio with two cat-people and a fly-cup / 
Kullad chai, pakoda platter and radio at Chai Patty / 
Sick-day soup and comic books at Cafe Terra

The original drinkify.
Recommended searches: Bappi Lahiri, Himesh Reshammiya, Bob Dylan (amongst others)

Jan 17, 2012


Once upon what seems like a long time ago, a little half lab-half something* was brought to the studio. Multiple naming ceremonies resulted in Juno, which I am pretty sure she confused with the NO! that she heard all the time. It's impossible to try and sketch her now, because she is never ever ever still. This is an old one, from one of those peaceful puppy-nap days.

* Most definitely part cat-part monkey

Jan 15, 2012


I've been only to two Penciljams (both with Sparkles) and actually sketched only at one. This Penciljam was at Chitra Kala Parishat, early last year- lovely pillars throwing shadows, lots of trees and even a little temple. There was a crafts fair happening on the same day, so the relatively empty campus slowly filled up with colourful stalls, people and more people. Eventually the sketching gave way to shopping for pretty thingummies :D

Lots of catching up to do with posts!


Mallu overdose.
Yes. Happens.

True story.
(The overdose I mean)