May 20, 2009

Poster-elf #1

Jasjyot, at night mess. He wanted a hot pink background, but I thought this was sufficiently bling.
And yes, he really was singing that.

Disclaimer: For all you people who want to comment and let me know that I've written 'Sauce' instead of 'Saas'-
My Hindi spellings suck. I know.


jazzlamb said...

hey the 'saas' with that maatra on top becomes 'sauce'. haha.
Very raunchy nevertheless. heehee
and yes, Grazie. lol:)

Shreyas said...

me no hindi speaks ok.
ya, I've been told by all hindi log that it's sauce :P

Grayzee you say? :D

Dipankar Sengupta said...


Shreyas said...

pah. sheddap ok.
my hindi spelling sucks. :P