Dec 3, 2012

The Shape of Jazz @ Plantation House

Concerts and gigs seem to be the only places I draw at these days. There never seems to be much time otherwise to sit down with a book and colours.

Aman Mahajan and Mishko M'ba played us music inspired by Ornette Coleman. "It jazz..." as Mishko said in his lovely accent. If I ever catch Mishko playing again, I am going to spend the whole time drawing just him and his long long long dreadlocks (ankle length if you must know).

And the next time, I'll manage a better panorama of Shalini's store. I'd love to just sit and draw only the clothes even!


pRiyA said...

Fabulous sketches Shreyas. And that too of difficult subjects like musical instruments and people playing them.

Shreyas said...

Thanks a lot Priya! :)

I'd love for there to be a music+draw jam session. Wouldn't that be something? :)