Oct 7, 2012

Beach. Beer. Book.

100th post! YAY!


A good vacation that met the essential requirement of being able to sit on a beach with beer and a book and endlessly waste time alternating attention from book to sea to sky.
Mossy masses of black and green sinking and rising from the sand, Devbagh Beach

A view of the woods from the room, Devbagh Beach

People moving between swimming and snacking, Palolem, Goa

Monsieur Lobster and pear shaped bottles of Pilsner, Palolem, Goa


SarangN said...

Welcome back. Splendid sketches, as usual!

tinuviel said...

Hello! Neha here - We spoke at Konark Reddy's concert :) How can I reach you?

Shreyas said...

@SarangN: Thanks!

@Neha: halftonelemon(at)gmail

Kish said...

Book to sea to sky to Monsieur Lobster, though I wonder why he was there in the first place, considering you've been living on the green side!Poor guy looks adequately... erm ...'malletted'. Good job, and congrats on the 100th post! Keep em coming!

Shreyas said...

@Kish: I solemnly swear that my relationship with Monsieur Lobster was strictly that of sketcher and sketchee.

Akash Hans said...

<3 illustration of Kings Beer.