Jul 10, 2009


The essence of Graphic design is purple with pink and fluoroscent bubbles and golden vapour. It swirls inside its crystal vial, waiting to break out, to flow and not take the shape of its container.

:From my AGD notes,
(which would mean semester 5, 2007).

Merryn reminded me about this one. My attempt at some dreamy-type writing. Looking at it now, it seems like a strange nailpolish. I think the rest of it makes sense though.

I found lots of other things in this book though, AGD notes that I have no memory of, 3 rants, 2 drawings of Amit Dutta, a lousy portrait of Mridu with all the nicknames we had for her till then, figure sketches of a few people, rgb notes, film language notes, a drawing of SB with all his SB-speaks, a drawing I made at an rgb meeting while sitting at the table under the pest-o-flash, a sketch of Chaplin for a poster in my pre-FIN days and a drawing of leaves above my head at Riverside school-it was drizzling then.

I need to scan some more.


jazzlamb said...

i love how you write. I was actually very very excited when the pink and fluorescent popped out. Then you killed me when you called it all nailpolish. hahahaha.
Someone is being soper-productive.

Shreyas said...

haha. I found it very profound then, when I wrote it.

productive it seems, I need to scan newer draweengs.

Sigh, you think someone would just pay us to travel and draw?

jazzlamb said...

i wish... sigh.
we're not all Mirandas and Shaws.

Shreyas said...

* s n i f f *