Jul 10, 2009

Drifting in a cloud of heat-II

A bike at main gate. Lalu keeps refilling chai.

Melting in the BMW

People spotting in the KMC- Ramdom readers, Suresh taking notes and Akhila working.

A lizard on the rosewood windowframe, that never moved for the longest time.
Graphic Design Studio


anand said...

krishnan !..watey sketches ..sooper level of immediacy in all of them..romba pidchutu..!

Shreyas said...

hehe thanky krishnan :)

jazzlamb said...

OOH! Noice!
I really really like. The 'dhishkyaaoon' factor is not enough in the Akhilasketch, though it does look like her. heehee.

Shreyas said...

haha, she wasn't being dishkyaoon man...she was doing her moody (sorry introspective)-i-am-working look. one day, when she becomes londonlady, then we'll do crashbangkablam drawering of her :D