Jul 10, 2009

Drifting in a cloud of heat- I

Ten days

with heavy hot air
that covers you like a thick blanket

of sweat and dust
and countless cups of chai.

aamras, maggi
stupid and/or long conversations

the smell of carpet in the airconditioning,
the vaccuum cleaner and the sound of books

watching bubbles drift up to the clouds
and hoping for rain

falling asleep watching
white flowers and rice lights

of many hours dancing garba.

and freedom within these brick walls.


jazzlamb said...

So louwelily you write.
sigh. My college... and us growing old:)

Shreyas said...

hehe, would you believe me if I said I started writing half of it before I got on the flight to A'bad? Oh the anticipation :)

sigh yes. But there'll always be seniors around to make you feel less old, trust me. I still don't feel 5th year enough.chee.