Jun 25, 2009


little black pools
of nail shaped nothings.


woenvu said...

i picture you at the altar of discarded nails, bowl in hand.

and long, flowing robes. white. :p

Shreyas said...

I meant my now-black toenails.
Gone is the shiny blue.

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

You painted your toenails black?
Is pre diploma stress creating goth like tendancieS?
Next comes the black lipstick. Your kajal can double up.

Shreyas said...

Well yes. I pedicured again, and amongst all the pink-maroon-red (oh yes the randi red variety) I figured I'd rather have black.

But sigh, it's starting to chip off. You'll see tomorrow anyway :D

PS- in foundation, Sarah really thought my kajal was black lipstick. "sweety, that reeeaallly, isn't your shade" :P