Dec 13, 2009

People People Everywhere

At work

Barista, Koramangala


Traveller said...

You evil genius :):) ...This is amazing !!!

Avinash Rajagopal said...

vernais. vernais.
esp the barista one.

Shreyas said...

hahaha, thengyoo ;P

daanksma :D

Bondhu said...

Have you drenched your sketchbook in coffee and then started drawing in it ??? good stuff.... make a little contrasting... the lines are too thin in photos...may be levels in photoshop help ...:)

Shreyas said...

Tea!! :)

Mmm,yeah, need to adjust the contrast. They're scans :)

jazzlamb said...

I like the unintended, hazy office effect:)
And tea drenching is very,...uhm.. saxx:D

Shreyas said...

hehe thenks.
Yeah, those were the days when we were using teabags. Didn't have the heart to throw them off right after making tea.

Anonymous said...

I am on love with this blog!!!