Nov 18, 2009

Tea, Coffee & Lemon cake

The past few weeks have seen coffee cup studies, a box of Ferrero Rocher, the return of Earl Grey Bergamot and lots of the boss's famous lemon cake- this time with orange flavoured cranberries.

Excuse me while I go back to dreaming about lemon cake day.


Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

Luxurious life you're leading in the templey road,what?:)

Shreyas said...

Although this week, I'm just staring at the drawings and imagining the lemoncake.


woenvu said...

love the ceramic stylings.

Shreyas said...


Oh yes. They're the most inspiring mugs ever. Everytime I see them, I want to draw them.

jazzlamb said...

Uh god! Orange flavored cranberries?
Lemoncake and inspiring mugs needed. URGENTLY:'(

Shreyas said...

Uncal ji, coffee and maker will be acquired on this weekend's trip to chennai. And it shall find its way to you by noon next thursday.

Hopefully the espresso (and I) will be a meager substitute for lemoncake and inspiring mugs.


Tarun Padmakumar said...