Aug 19, 2009


An evening at Greenhouse with La and Avi and a cup of pudina tea. It looked like it was about to rain.

(This is so you guys know you're being missed, ok?)


still water said...

Awww..:) a big hug...miss u too :P

Avi said...

ayyo! sentiment!

me also me also. paula scher awaits you. see me in nyc, dahling!

howisyou? email. i also email. soon.

Shreyas said...

'La in London', there I've given a name for your London se blog post :D

Yes dahling. I shall mail soonly.
Dazzle NY :D


still water said...

I already have a new name :), ur close but not there. Will reveal ALL soon :)

Anonymous said...

nice shreyas... where is this place? went to chennai for a family emergency, will be off again next week. catch up when i am back!

Shreyas said...

@La: I can't wait!!

@Kalyani: It's this place called Green House in Ahmedabad. Yaa, need to meet!!

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

so pretty.its raining in ahmedabad right now and greenhouse sounds lovely.:)lets go when youcome.

Shreyas said...

Sigh, yes.
I'm missing relatively less guilt-laden and pressure free student days. And drawing at arbid times and places.


Kish said...

its lovely

jazzlamb said...

My favorite! For inducing that uncomfortable feeling of leaving work and going to greenhouse:)

Shreyas said...

@kish: thenky :)

@jazz: we go, next saturday :D