Sep 7, 2009

A daylong evening

Counting custard apple seeds, listening to the rain drum its fingers on the trees.

Watching cars splash through puddles while the dogs stare instead of chasing them.

A spray of leaves, the drizzle looks yellowgreen for a moment.

Clouds cast shadows, evening has arrived mid-day.


Kish said...

sounds just like my ideal day! i love those grey days when it drizzles all day long!

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

A daylong evening.
I just love the title.
And I would so love such an evening.
(the word ver is 'anishici'.toast to leetle and beeg anish.)

Shreyas said...

so do I, if Im indoors all warm, or outdoors doing garba :D

I love it too :D

jazzlamb said...

Sounds lovely. I want to see this sketchbook.

Shreyas said...

Shooare. Rubberband it is, I still have no guts to start on the moleskine!!!