Mar 1, 2011

Victor Wooten + Guitar Prasanna LIVE

Much music discovery happened last year, Guitar Prasanna was one of them (thanks again to cousin). Think Carnatic music on guitar. Now imagine Carnatic+Bop+Blues. Ahh.

Finally managed to catch his concert last year. Prasanna was playing with Victor Wooten, and most of the crowd seemed to have come to listen to him. I'd never heard Wooten before, but Oh-My-God, the man has magic fingers when it comes to the bass guitar. Most of the pieces they performed were Prasanna's tracks though (I really love the names of all the tracks. So very Madras)

I squeezed my way through the crowd and managed to draw a bit, again in the dark.

The entire ensemble: Prasanna on guitars/vocals, Victor Wooten on bass/vocals, S.Karthick on ghatam and Bangalore Amrit on the kanjira.


Anonymous said...

Long ago no the gig was? and there was a Ghatam?
Nice sketches!

Rama said...

Lovely Doodling Chellam!
Keep them coming .
I attended a Prassana concert in Chennai the day of my surgery :)