Mar 14, 2011

Indian Ocean LIVE

The Indian Ocean gig here last year (atleast the one I went for) was part of Bongalore's Durga Puja celebrations. It was vastly different experience compared to the my first time at an Indian Ocean concert, in 2005 at IIM-A's Chaos. For starters we were in the midst of fish-filled uncles and aunties, and not drunk-in-dry-state students. Also, we had seats. Not the lounging on grass, staring at stars in the January cold this time.

BUT, strange enough, the concert managed to drag me out of my 'not in the mood to sketch' mood, which had lasted a few too many months. Note to self: Always, ALWAYS carry a pen. Just a pencil may not always suffice.

As you can see, shameless autograph getting also happened.


Anonymous said...

WOW! And Indian Ocean-great music too!

G said...

An 'I-was-there' moment just happened! :-)

Shreyas said...

@geek: yup. :)

@gab: hehehe, I'm wishing cricket+sketching happened yesterday!!

jazzlamb said...

Aah! Nice, happy stuff! I haven;t heard much of them, but I'd love to see them perform too sometime :)
Oh, and the blog header looks SAXX & reminds me I need to do something about mine.