Mar 13, 2011

The Fantastic Tale of my Fluoroscent Nails

Okay, it's not fantastic and all. I just liked the sound of it.

I've always been guilty of strange coloured nailpaint. It was not allowed in my school, and I used to sneak around during term exams (when I was eleven) with nail art that involved more than one blinding colour. Somewhere along the way, I eventually gave up on that. But a summertime of sickness can make one do strange things.

Aided by the sister, I have rediscovered the joys of non-pink/red/brown nailpaint. And yes, the fluoroscent in the drawing is the actual nailpaint.


vatras said...

Ah!Those blinding memories from IHC :) .. What's nxt? rainbow socks? :P

Anonymous said...

ET and the UFO! :P

Kalyani Ganapathy said...

I went through the bright color phase too. Now i'm totally over it!

Shreyas said...

@shetty: i DO have rainbow socks, you know :P

@Geek: yes. Your immortal joke applied only to my water bottle. NOT my nails!!

@kalyani: hehe, I'm still stuck...but the phase has been restricted to a limited palette of colours.

mridu said...

Vary naice skatch of hand shreyaas. I laike waat ai see :)