Feb 19, 2012

Bengaluru Habba 2012: 2

The second set of gigs that I managed to attend, with Sparkles and Baki, were Infusion Jazz followed by Warren Mendosa with the Blackstrat Blues.

I got into a mood for drawing even before Infusion started playing, mostly because of the acoustic upright bass.

There was Frijo Francis on piano, Victor Francis on drums (someone in the audience really loved him; she kept calling out for Victor through the gig), Dominic Yesudas on acoustic upright bass (or the nattily dressed young man, as the announcer described him), and Manoj George on the electric violin.

Frijo was on the keytar a couple of times- he was even making it scat sing at one point. Genius that I am, I was staring from one artist to the next trying to figure out who was scat singing until I realised it was the keytar!

Next up was Warren Mendosa and The Blackstrat Blues, by which time a quick quest for food cost us my sketching-condusive seat close to the stage.  After stumbling around with a tray of fries, we found a seat way up in what must have been the windiest and coldest part of the amphitheatre.

Warren Mendosa+Blackstrat Blues

Cold enough for initial drawing excitement to wear off and be replaced by the instinct to keep my hands warm (while still trying to smuggle the now cold fries into my mouth).

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jazzlamb said...

Sassy saaichedelic skaatching sassions! :D So nice with so much color! Louwely!