Feb 5, 2012

Christmas Kutcheri

I've been wanting to use that title for a long time now.

December in Chennai can mean only two things- the kutcheri season and of course, Christmas. I hadn't caught any concert this time, and Shoe suggested Sandeep Narayan who was performing at the Narada Gana Sabha mini hall the weekend I was in Chennai. Good concert :)

Sandeep's Naan Oru Vilayattu Bommaiya playing on loop


Gradwolf said...

Lovely stuff. The music and the art. One of the first ones of Sandeep I heard was this one along with Rethas. Totally divine:


Anonymous said...

The cutting-mat background is a favourite, apart from the drawings and stories!

SarangN said...

Very Sandeep! Nice sketches. Been following your blog for a while!

Shreyas said...

@Gradwolf: Ah thanks for the link!
I've already been listening to Sandeep's version of Pagaivanukkarulvai from his site (got hooked on to that after Naan Oru Vilaiyattu Bommaiya)

@keyaar: Joker effect in b/w-mac-screen-glow happening with your display pic :P

@SarangN: Glad you de-lurked! Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

It is a ‘\_°__°_/’, not a ‘:P’.

Kelly said...

Hi Shreyas-am Sundar (we met in Bangalore, {alongwith your amma & appa} if you'd remember)...am astounded seeing some of the stuff in your blogspot..the sketches are amazing....& its truly got your perspective (even if its a carnatic kutcheri)....kudos...this is awesome!!!

Shreyas said...

@Kelly: Took me a few seconds to figure, but then I connected the 'Kelly' and 'Sundar'! Thanks a lot uncle! :)