Nov 9, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight

People and their interactions, both with each other and with a space, make for some wonderful observations. Veils have a curious presence in a public space. Do they actually hide a woman or do they make her more conspicuous? Is visibility - or lack of it - a choice that we consciously make? These are simple everyday vignettes, seen while nursing a cup of chai by a window, or as an idle passerby on the street.

With this set of illustrations, I've explored a technique of layering (and removing) colour and black oil pastel crayons. This treatment is something I have wanted to try out on a full illustration for a while now and the technique lends itself perfectly to the theme - an absolute black is scratched away to reveal a scene around black shrouded women, who appear to be Hidden in Plain Sight.

Afternoon Conversations
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons / Available*

Eating Out
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons
September Ice Lollies
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons

Missed Call - Missed Call
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons

Waiting for Any Bus
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons / Available*

Window Shopping
14 x 9 in / Oil Pastel Crayons

Hidden in Plain Sight was exhibited at Kynkyny Art Gallery as part of My Cup of Tea, our first exhibition as the Illustrator's Collective. This showcase has been special; apart from the fact that I got to exhibit my work at a gallery with three other talented friends, these illustrations are the biggest ones I have done entirely by hand.

Write to me at halftonelemon(at)gmail(dot).com for pricing.
For more on our processes and inspirations, head over here.

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