Jun 11, 2013

The Wilding Festival: Part 1

Earlier this year, Akhila had invited me to participate in 'Mirror of the Open Road' - an exhibition that is part of the multi-arts Wilding Festival. The event commemorates the memory of Emily Wilding Davison, a suffragette who gave up her life for the movement a 100 years ago.

28 artists from 8 countries are participating in the exhibition, which is at St. George's Church, London. I'm terribly excited to be a part of this, and really wish I could be there.

More images of my entry in a later post.

People in London, do visit the festival! :)

Mirror of the Open Road is open from 13th to 16th June, 2013. More details here.

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Sybildsouza said...

Wow! That sound great. Long way to go girl be calm & focused i'm sure it will be a awesome work your way. And Congratulation!!! BIG LUCK to U & all other artist.