May 1, 2013

Churches and Chaaya

I spent this year's Good Friday - Easter weekend in Cochin/Kochi, with SM and her family at their beautiful new home.

In the three years since my first visit here, I seem to have lost my tolerance for sitting down to sketch in extremely sunny spots - the yellow face... it burns our skin it doessss - Bangalore has spoilt me whattodo.

This year I finally learnt about the Way of the Cross, although I decided to stay back at the church and draw other Ammachis who weren't up for braving the sun either.

The heat notwithstanding, the weekend was full of hot, sweet chaaya, in mugs and cups and coffee pots. Thanks to SE chechi and Don saare, we took a loooong drive to Fort Kochi, to see the Santa Cruz Basilica (which was closed, for Easter) and Teapot, a cafe I have been wanting to visit for a very long time.

I wonder when I'll next get to spend time on a breezy balcony overlooking a never ending canopy of coconut trees...


Sandhya Ramachandran said...

You are conferred with the Leibster Award! :D

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

You have been conferred with the Leibster Award! :D