Jan 24, 2009

another window

The view today reminds me of the day I reached Milan. Two windows offer me two different skylines. Asbestos roofs and brick ones. A clear blue sky carries cutout clouds. Still clouds that don't drift, float or move. It's as if the day decided to hold its breath.

lunchtime, CS 2.2


woenvu said...

i don't know why, but i really, really like this one.

of course, could be because it's really good, but that's never a consideration for really, really liking something. :)

Shreyas said...

me is happy you likes.

I'm going to find bars on windows wierd when i get back.

Cat-on-the-moon said...

Youre doing a lot of thinking out there.
In italian tamilian mix,I dont know.
But it shows in your sketches and thats why i really like the feel of alsmot everything youve done out there..
How i presume na..haha.:P

Shreyas said...

weally? why thanky :D

doesn't :F seem like a grin with just one tooth?

Shreyas said...

and how tamilianitalian mix? because of cutout clouds? Ah, if only they had rajinitype cutouts here...italians would become the worst drivers in the world.