Jan 22, 2009

Totato Pomato

I slept at 4.30am, only because she was acting cranky in her half-asleep state. After she realised I was oblivious to her tossing and turning, she sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes like a child being woken up for school on a Monday morning. "Ow long you will kip working?", she managed through her closed eyes. So at 3.30am I turned off the smallest light in the room and plonked myself in semi darkness. There's only so much one can do in the dark, especially since I needed to draw out somethings. I slept. Was going to wake up at 6 which I did (Igot my dad to wake me up, international calls for alarms. Yes, shameless) but decided it was too dark and went back to sleep asking appa to wake me up in a half hour. At seven I realised my phone was on silent and I had many missed calls. Bah. I'm back at my desk now. It's still dark and she is squinching her eyes against the light of my laptop. Sigh, why is she such a light sleeper? Streetlights and moonlight kill her sleep. She doesn't seem like she will survive the night if there was a glowworm around.

The sky is slowly fading from grey to bluegrey. The only way you can figure out if it's morning is by the number of cars on the streets. There is a thick fog outside. L wakes up at 8.30 yawning huge yawns, trying to send me on a guilt trip that I refuse to go on.


I had so much coffee, I'm going to have cappuccino instead of blood. Less sleep makes me crack up at stupid things. By stupid I mean anything can send me into a fit of laughter.


In Italy, a potato also means punani.
(Those who don't understand, go away, I'm not explaining)


Oh, I also had the scanner running for a while through the night. buwahaha.


I've had enough of writing eloquent tosh, someone save my funnies please. I need to get back to my Sarcastic Self.

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theolddrifter said...

any plans for germany? Drop by it would be nice to see you guys.