Oct 25, 2008

Parla Inglese?

She points at my Tamil
handwriting and asks
"Is this what you
speak in India?"
I try to explain.

We speak in different
languages in
different parts of the

Her eyes grow wide.
She blinks twice.
Her English fumbles.
She blurts out in
Arabic and then
"You mean different
accents. yes
Different languages?!
Ow it is possibbol
Ow?" Fateh wonders.

Wow says the girl
from Chicago
Y'mean they're compleetly
Like, y'cant understand
what he says?

At this point, I'm tired
My English fumbles.

How do you explain to
someone that A language
does not unite your


Mandakini said...

interesting thoughts in these troubled times....try explaining to them thackeray's marathi manoos nonsense.....

Shreyas said...

why is common sense so hard to find?

Bondhu said...

This reminds me of something brilliant which Satyajit ray wrote as a song for the film " Goopy Gyan bagha byan" where the singer and the drummer comes to an unknown country where they dnt understand the language and they sing a song whose end line goes something like " We sing a song whose language is unity and love which is understood by the pauper and the prince both" This was written in the 60's....it seems the world hasn't changed much :)

Mandakini said...

common sense....not that common after all.

Anish Daolagupu said...

whaha... tell them about the northeast... and the thousands of leetal leetal dialects... hee hee... they sound completely baffled... :)

Narenderan said...

Language is one of the many symptoms that expose our:

Parochialism -> Patriotism -> Globalism??

Is one actually better than the other?

Like it has been said before:

" A Frog in a well pretty much thinks that the Well is the WORLD blissfully ignorant of the outside"

neYYan said...

non parla italiano!..

but stillo thees poemo!


Shreyas said...

ah bijeaux!

brava you mean.
sono girl you know :)

grazie mille! Mi piace the sound of the il nuova language you is parlaing :D Imagine if you started substituting para in mallu with parla :D