Mar 12, 2008


A quick poster for GABBEH, a film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, for tuesday's Filmclub screening. Feels almost Klimt-like if you view it from a distance.


Mandakini said...

smart. but doesnt really resonate with the imagery of the film. i like the look of it though.

blog more sooper tam! :)

Mandakini said...

gabbeh was on tv last nite....would u believe that??!!

The Sooper Tam said...

ya i know, its far from the film really, but i had to get this and the handout done before lunch! :)

woah, on tv? how come these things never happen when I used to watch TV?

Mandakini said...

oh ok then sooper job sooper tam.....and i love the word sooper :D

yeah and check out utv's world movie channel for good films....i even caught kieslowskis short film about love!! all is not lost i suppose!