Feb 12, 2008

Past perfect

As I type this Urmi, Vaidehi and Amruta are emptying out their lockers. Vinu left in the afternoon for his dip. There was a big crowd of people to bye-bye him. Sagarika and Madhura left a couple of weeks ago.

One year from now (if I'm 'on time'), I'll have to empty out my locker- my legitimate one and the 'illegitimate' many. When I joined NID, 4th year seemed like the distant future. Now that distant future is becoming the present, a lot faster than I'd hoped. It's scary.

The phase where I'd miss all those people who have left won't last too long. Facebook/orkut/gtalk/skype take care of that. No, the reason why I'm presently experiencing 'wierdness' is because I'm faced with reality. Whoever said reality bites was making an understatement.

Akhila's mum said "NIDians have trouble cutting off the umbilical cord". Its true. I can't see myself outside NID. Its not a good thing, but that's how it is. I never missed school or even home as much as I miss this place when I'm not here. I guess that is why there are always ex-nidians who come back here to teach.

What makes us stay/come back?

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Bondhu said...

Very true....sometimes i still feel my hostel room which was one tenth of where im now,was better....the slumber..the confinement...everything was so perfect...and as far as umbilical cord is concerned...i dont think i can cut or any external force will get rid of that..that will remain...ur write up again took me back to the same feeling when i had to pack my bags from NID , temporarily though :) becoz i knew i'm going to comeback :P