Jan 1, 2013

Kutcheri Hopping

This year, Shoo and I planned a mini kutcheri-hopping session.
(Our new year's eve kutcheri plan got cancelled though, I was looking forward to that).

The first kutcheri we got to was Sandeep Narayan singing at Krishna Gana Sabha, accompanied by Nagai Sriram (violin), Dr. Umayalpuram K Sivaram (mridangam) and Dr.Karthik (ghatam).  Gradwolf came along for this one. Highlight was having such a senior artiste like UKS autographing the drawing and showing it off to some people around!

I drew Sandeep a year ago (accompanied by Shoo, again), and Dr. Karthik early in 2011- this time I think I've managed to get the resemblance better. I didn't realise that until someone named all the artistes I drew without any prompting.

Sandeep's kutcheri was followed by Bombay Jayshree at Music Academy, but not before a quick stopover at the sabha canteen. Some day I will manage to get tickets/seats at Music Academy that will give me a better (closer) view of the artistes. Until then I will make the most of my balcony views.


List of songs from Sandeep's Krishna Gana Sabha kutcheri