Jan 31, 2008

The Kyoorius Diary

The Kyoorius Design Yaatra has been happening since last year. Like last time, this year too it was at Goa. Why Goa I wonder? At the Yaatra, it just seems like everyone is on holiday. The primary attractions are firang speakers, free booze, the Gala dinner and Goa itself.

I'd been to the 2006 Yaatra as well. This time I started putting down all my thoughts
during the conference. Not before, not after, but while I was inside the venue.

Im tempted to include extracts from the notebook here, but its a lot more fun reading it from the actual pages. But since blogger doesn't seem to show a bigger image even on full view go here--> The Kyoorius Diary, for a readable view of the book. :)

Click on image for full view

Jan 30, 2008

2 x 10

This is it.
Its been 2 days since I turned 20.

What better time to start posting on my OWN blog! Yes well, it is common knowledge that my dashboard has too many blogs for my own good, and that I'v posted things on the wrong blog by mistake...BUT... this is M.I.N.E!