Sep 16, 2008


Today was my last official day as a member of the Filmclub managing committee. As the only 'non-moving image' student who stood for the three vacant posts, I hardly expected to be elected. Why did I stand even?

This is what I'd sent as my nomination.
I'd like to nominate myself for film club. After a
year of laserec, I've
realised, I enjoy screening films,
promoting it, getting people to watch.

Although laserec is more about commercial films,
I'd love to screen films
the 'filmclub"way.

The culture in NID is changing. People choose work
over a screening, or a
submission over making a
poster. I want to try and get people more
involved in
this.. and maybe it will have an effect on life at NID in


Please do accept my nomination.

Thank You.

Graphic Design, semester 5 , GDPD
Seems so long ago.Anything I do, I seem to do, to make a change. I hope I have changed somethings at Filmclub, for the good. It will be weird sitting on the other side of the fence...almost like watching a flashback in Tamil serials (minus the byootiful "yeffects" with a change of characters ofcourse)

As always, all good things must come to an end. Lets see what else comes around for me to throw myself into :)



jazzlamb said...

you shall forever be the filmclub goddess...for whenever we dare to send in our nominations,we will think ten times in our head whether we'll be able to do as much running around and managing as you did for lil pixies like us...
p.s.-shameless me...havent made a single poster this sem as

Shreyas said...

Bum, yes, you better make up poster-wise, else the new half-krishnan will take you to task :P

ps- Aww :-*

Cat-on-the-moon said...

I spy with my little eye,conversation that makes me cry out,"oh my!"
What did I expect from another half krishnan herself?

Shreyas said...

poetic piglet :P

Soon you will become a santapig. Except the new piglet might call you something else.

It's all a cirle (or seer-kool as italians say it)